Yılmaz Altıntoz

Founder / Advocate

He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 2003 and enrolled in İzmir Bar Association and worked as a freelance lawyer.

He is the founder and management partner of our office. In general, he works in the fields of Real Estate Law, Commercial Law and Corporate Law, Contract Law, Banking and Insurance Law, Transportation Law, Compensation Law, Inheritance Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law and Health Law and he provides legal consultancy and representation services to companies and persons.

He has participated in advanced training programs organized by Turkish Bar Association for:

• Intellectual Property Law,
• Energy Law,
• Actuary Law,

and he has certificates in these fields.
At the same time, he works as Conciliator in all legal disputes which are suitable for conciliation, especially Expert Conciliation in the fields of Business and Commercial Law.

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