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After Advocate Yılmaz Altıntoz and Advocate Aruz Külahcıoğlu Altıntoz, taking a step to profession in 2004, gained experiences in different law offices, they established a partnership in 2008 and founded “Altıntoz & Külahcıoğlu Law Office”. Altıntoz & Külahcıoğlu Law Office presents reliable, fast, creative, solution-oriented and prestigious legal services in various branches of Private Law, mainly in Corporate and Commercial Law, Contracts Law, Banking and Finance Law, Insurance Law, Real Estate Law, Transportation Law, Debt Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law, Intellectual Property Law, Compensation Law, Inheritance Law, Labor Law and Medical Law.

These services include representing the clients as an advocate in front of all courts and various administrative authorities in Turkey as well as consultancy before conflict and legal assistance for the required service.

Carrying on business in Izmir, our Law Office is connected with law offices in various cities in Turkey, mainly Istanbul and Ankara, and presents services to the clients in a fast way by means of cooperation if required. The service of conciliation is provided by Advocate Yılmaz Altıntoz and Advocate Arzu Külahcıoğlu Altıntoz, and any conflicts can be settled in a much faster and more economical way.

About Us

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