• Corporate and Commercial Law

    Corporate and Commercial Law

    Company establishment, merger, demerger, take-over and type changing processes, Preparing, arranging and assisting to manage general... More
  • Contracts Law

    Contracts Law

    Preparing and interpreting all contracts in the required fields for real persons and companies, and examining contracts, representiing clients... More
  • Zoning and Real Estate Law

    Zoning and Real Estate Law

    Bargaining and selling real estate, establishing and taking mortgage off, services related to constitution of servitude, cancellation of... More
  • Banking and Finance Law

    Banking and Finance Law

    Legal consultancy about banking and financing agreements, follow-up cases resulted by banking agreements including... More
  • Inheritance Law

    Inheritance Law

    Preparation of all types of inheritance agreements related to Inheritance Law, cancellation of title and registration cases based on... More
  • Debt  Bankruptcy Law

    Debt Bankruptcy Law

    Preparation of executive proceedings for all kinds of chose in action, active follow-up of the process, the follow-up of cases indigenous... More
  • Labor And Social Security Law

    Labor And Social Security Law

    All claims arising from severance pay, notice pay, all fees, premiums and bonuses, overtime fees, annual leave fees, week holidays... More
  • Family Law

    Family Law

    Providing services in preparing all cases in family law, especially divorce and divorce based pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, for jewelry... More
  • Insurance Law

    Insurance Law

    Collection of insurance amounts from insurance companies, claim for damages due to work accident and traffic accident, claim for damages... More
  • Transportation Law

    Transportation Law

    Providing legal counseling and case follow-up service to solve legal problems due to domestic and international road... More
  • Intellectual Property Law

    Intellectual Property Law

    Providing the follow-up of administrative processes and all cases about brand and patent problems. More
  • Medical Law

    Medical Law

    Carrying out all necessary legal transactions to compensate physical damages incurred due to faulty medical services provided by state... More
  • Consumer Law

    Consumer Law

    Making necessary applications before the consumer arbitration committees and consumer courts in order to collect the losses of the consumers... More
  • Administrative Law

    Administrative Law

    Preparing cancellation and full jurisdiction cases to indemnify the losses arisen from administrative transactions and actions of all... More
  • Tax Law

    Tax Law

    Preparing cases required for cancellation of unfair punishments and payment orders given by tax offices and cancellation of illegal tax debts... More
  • Compensation Law

    Compensation Law

    Preparing compensation cases to collect the damages occurred due to unfair transaction or action from the related persons and follow-up... More
  • Energy Law

    Energy Law

    Preparing the cases arisen from legislation with respect to energy law such as Electricity Market Law, Natural Gas Market Law, Petrol... More
  • Law of Obligations

    Law of Obligations

    All kinds of personal actions and compensation cases, cases about purchase-sale and rent law, cases about various service contracts etc. and... More

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